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My thanking notes continue... Just a post to dedicate to my favourite decoration company in town @freeconcept_hk for the amazing decorations. It was definitely ‘love at first sight’ with them and I didn’t bother meeting any other decoration companies because of how much I loved their designs - but most importantly, I was in the good hands of Hong Kiu and Jasper which gave me so much confidence! 
Hong Kiu has been so helpful ever since day one - gave me so much helpful advice (particularly in choosing venues haha), and she understood what I wanted without having the need for me to explain. So I left everything in her hands and I was given the most beautiful decorations that everyone keeps praising afterwards. 
I also need to thank Jasper as the first meeting with him was super insightful - gentleman promises were remembered and kept. He’s also the person behind many things so despite not communicating as much with him than Hong Kiu I know how important his role is in our decors :) I believe people are what make a company successful and it’s clear that this is true - I wish the company every success it needs to become the number one decoration company in town 💕



Rachel and Kenneth

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